Moonset on the Meseta

Moonset on the Meseta

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Morning, Finisterre

Santiago encore.

I hate to leave-- I'm starting to feel like a regular here.  Hospedaje Seminario Martin Pinario has been welcoming and comfortable.  It finally sunny AND warm.

I hugged the saint statue one more time and sat on the pavement in the Praza Obradoiro and contemplated the facade of the cathedral and my life.

I wonder if I will ever come back.

Langosteira beach was lovely this morning.  So many good-byes today.

Long long plane rides tomorrow.  I'd rather be walking.

Another Camino has ended, and the walk through life goes on.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Santa Marina. At casa pepa

We started walking a bit before 9 this morning from Negreira, and it has been raining the entire 20 plus km to Casa Pepa, an albergue in the hamlet of Santa Marina.

The rain blew in misty sheets across fields of flowers, and tracks through Eucalyptus covered hills ran with water like streams.

I packed my fanny pack away inside my pack, and put my camera in my pocket, but it was pretty wet for picture taking.

Tomorrow we will head toward Muxia at the Hospital Junction.

There is one other American woman here and a funeral is going on in the church across the street. Rain continues to fall.

We hope it will be better tomorrow, as the countryside is beautiful. Our spirits are good despite the dampness.


From a pilgrim on the road of life

A pilgrim on the road of life

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Clouds over Negreira

In Negreira

Thursday afternoon, April 3

We have made it to Negreira with one very big climb and a couple of smaller ones and a few downpours. A good walk overall, though.  Temps in the low fifties.

We must have left all our helpful maps and guides, including notes I had compiled, at San Martin Pinario this morning.  To our amazement an information booth as we entered Negreira was staffed, and by a wonderfully helpful African American woman from California who was able to supply some of our missing information and suggested this comfortable pension, La Mezquita where we must have the deluxe room with a huge bed

They have even turned on the heat for us, and the shower was hot, although I am still cold.  We have had a few minutes of sunshine, and some dramatic clouds.

I'll try to get a picture.

It was good to be walking again today.  We encountered a total of 5 other pilgrims, plus a lone woman heading back toward Santiago.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Kent in Santiago in the rain

Linnea in Santiago in the rain


We arrived in Santiago on Tuesday afternoon after walking in pouring rain all day.  We are staying at San Martin de Pinario right next to the Cathedral.  WiFi is iffy here.  We are taking a rest day.  We lined up to get into the Pilgrim Mass at noon, but for some reason it was canceled.

It is very cold here with a little sun now and then, and many big black clouds.  Cold and rain is predicted to continue for the next week, but we will probably push on to Finisterre, anyway, after our rest day here.

I am wearing fleece and jacket over 2 shirts, and rain pants over regular pants just to keep warm.

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