Moonset on the Meseta

Moonset on the Meseta

Monday, April 12, 2010

From Le Puy en Velay

Le Puy enVelay
St. Michael Archangel Church

Flowering plums in Le Puy en Velay (still quite cold here)

 I will see if I can post on the blog:  I can! Very busy day today, walking everywhere; meeting helpful people although almost no one speaks English. Cette keyboard Francais is mauvais for a touch typist: Tomorrrow will be the real test -- first day of walking 24 km or more; I am writing une messsage to all of you have written (and even those who have not).  Merci. Tomorrow at 7 a.m there is a mass and blessing of pilgrims in the eglise; then I take off. I met a helpful homme named Michel who speaks not much more English than I do French so communication is difficile, but we will look for each other in the a.m. at 8:30, mais I suspect he will be able to walk plus vite que moi.

View from Cathedral Door from which pilgrims depart

Cold, maybe 50 F un peu de pluie; but petit soleil ce soir.  Many shops and almost all restaurants are fermé ce soir; so I have some pain et fromage et banana and pudding -- not very balanced diet,I know, mais pour dejeuner I hqd rice; porc; et broccoli in a salon de the Le Bergerac (restaurant).

Ah je trouve l'accent é -- something useful about cette kyboard:

Must go now as last nuit I arrive so late I had to find everything in the dark.  It was lucky I had my little flashlight in my pouch. Many photos of course, pas non temps to figure out any way to post them.  Another time peut-etre.  Tomorrow I will almost certainly be too tired to post even if there is internet;  Thank you for all the good wishes.

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  1. Hi Linnea, I guess that by the time you read this you will be on your way! I am certain I walked under the protection of that Le Puy blessing all the way to Santiago, a special thing. Mondays things are often 'closed' in France- good to get into a gîte with demi pension those nights if you can! The adventure awaits- hope all goes well. I imagine you will already be down the hill into Saint Privat d'Allier by the time you read this: if not, take care on that descent! I look forward to reading more. Margaret