Moonset on the Meseta

Moonset on the Meseta

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First 3 days walking

Hello all. We have been out of Internet range until tonight. We have walked 3 days through some wonderful scenery. Many ups and downs. We have met interesting people, but only 2 other groups of pilgrims, 2 German women who are at our lovely Acuille Jacquaire in an old monastery of some sort now turned into a very elegant house and apartments. We have a room of our own tonight!

The other group with whom we shared lodgings the first 2 days are a German couple and English man. Last night we had enough energy to all run up to the ruined 11thc castle above the torn to se the sunset and Mont Blanc's
snowy peak turning pink in the distance.

Time to go as we are in a smoky bar although smokers officially standing outside the door, and our lovely hostess will soon have dinner ready for us. Our room looks out on the Rhone. We are in the village of Seyssel.

Apologies for the typos especially in the email version.

Linnea and Kent
on the road of life

On Sep 14, 2012, at 10:19 PM, Linnea Hendrickson wrote:

Lovely train ride, smooth and fast on the TVG. Warmer here than in Paris, where I woke in time to see a pink sunrise behind Notre Dame. The shock of the morning was not finding my camera charger and extra battery. As a result we spent a wild 3-4 hours this afternoon tearing about Geneva on foot looking for a replacement charger. At the 7th store we were referred to, I found one, not as compact as the one I left behind, but it will do. I should perhaps have bought a new camera (by the time I paid for this). I seriously considered trying to travel without pictures.

Al this was accomplished by trying to communicate in a mix of French and English. We had beer in front of the Cathedral to celebrate and decompress, and walked by the beautiful lake and investigated restaurants, finishing with a lovely Italian pasta, pizza, and Chianti meal in a place on Rue de Lausanne not far from the Youth Hostel. We havent seen anyone even half as old as we are here at the hostel yet, but we are finding the ethnic diversity of Geneva fascinating. We are in a room with bunks--6 beds, and have not yet seen our roommates.

As I sit in the lobby writing this, however, people keep pouring in.

Hoping to hear from more of you!

Tomorrow will be an easy day here before we start our walk.

Linnea and Kent
Pilgrims on the road of life

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