Moonset on the Meseta

Moonset on the Meseta

Thursday, March 27, 2014

In Porrino

After yesterday's long (for us) walk, we kept today's shorter.  We spent the night in a not especially comfortable albergue which we reached as the sun was setting.

Th day began with a wonderful breakfast in delightful Hotel Mercearia.  We walked across the Ponte de Lima in early morning light.  The walk included the highest climb of the trip on a rugged rocky path.

We reached what we had intended to be our night's stop by 2 pm, which was much too early.  There was no one at the albergue, and nowhere nearby to hang out, so we kept on walking, identifying, 3 other possible stops, two of which turned out not to exist.  So, we ended up having to go much farther than we'd dreamed we would.

Most of the walking was through lovely forests, fields, and small villages.

Today was different, although the huge old fortifications of Valenca were impressive.  We crossed a long modern bridge into Spain, spent time wandering and climbing hills in medieval Tui, then did lots of road walking with some nice forest paths and old stone bridges in between.

Tonight we are in industrial Porrino, got clothes washed in a laundry, and are enjoying a rather small room in a little pension after a dinner that was more an we could eat.

Weather continues mostly cold and cloudy with patches of rain, requiring constantly changing layers.

My cold is much better, although I am still taking medicines it.

We look on track to arrive in Santiago on April 1.

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